General Information


SFRI is a public science unit belonging to Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS), and has functions on scientific researching, technology transferring, producing and trading in the areas of soil, fertilizer and microbiology on the whole Vietnam.

1. Building strategies, programs, projects, scientific research and technology transfer plans in the fields of soils, fertilizers and microbiology to submit for authorized approval and to organize for implementation.
2. Carrying out oriented basic scientific research and technology transfer in the fields of:
a) Research on soil genesis, soil classification and soil mapping;
b) Research on soil physics, chemistry, biology and fertility;
c) Research on economics of soil and fertilizer use; landuse t; managemen
d) Research on crop nutrients and efficient use of fertilizers and agro-chemical products;
e) Collection, preservation, evaluation and exploitation of the soil microbiological resources;
f) Research on building and standardization of soil, water, fertilizer and plant analysis methods.
3. Carrying out experiments and tests on fertilizer and agro-chemical products.
4. Introducing agriculture and forestry extension activities on fertilizer and land use.
5. Joining agricultural landuse planning.
6. Implementing international cooperation on scientific research, technology transfer, expert cooperation and human resource development in the fields of soil, fertilizer and microbiology.
7. Consulting, servicing and transferring research results and technologies on soil, fertilizer and microbiology. Cooperating with other organizations in the country on scientific research and technological development, test of new technologies and products, development of human resource in the fields assigned.
8. Producing, trading, importing and exporting agricultural products.
9. Managing and using effectively human resource, funding source and State assets assigned.


Total staffs in March 2023 are 146 people; of which: 20 PhDs (incl. 02 Associate Professors); 73 Masters, 30 Engineers and Bachelors, 07 others

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Organizational structure and personnel

Organizational structure
Dr. NGUYEN Quang Hai

Name: Dr. NGUYEN Quang Hai
Position: Deputy Director General
Phone number: (024) 38388958
Assoc. Prof. Dr. TRAN Minh Tien

Name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. TRAN Minh Tien
Position: Director General
Phone number: (024) 3838 5035
PhD. TRAN Thi Minh Thu

Name: PhD. TRAN Thi Minh Thu
Position: Deputy Director General
Phone number: 024 38362379