Visit in SFRI of LMI LUSES* coordinators, 2016

16-05-2018 View: 1557

The annual visit of Dr. Alain Brauman (IRD*, in deputation at LDD-Thailand) and Dr. Nopmanee Suvannang  (LDD- Thailand) took place at SFRI* on March 29. Participants were Dr. Pascal Torreton (Representative of IRD in Vietnam), Dr. Jean-Luc Maeght (IRD, in deputation at SFRI), Dr. Nicolas Bottinelli (IRD, in deputation at SFRI), Dr. Trinh Anh Duc (former Leader of young research team, JEAN- BIOGEAQ), Dr. Tran Minh Tien (Deputy Director of SFRI) and key scientists of SFRI.

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Dr. Alain Brauman talked about what have been done during the 4 years of the LMI (projects, students and publications for each involved country). He summarized strength and weakness of the LMI and proposed new leads for the LMI phase 2. It was followed by a discussion with participants about founding opportunities in Vietnam and Asia.

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Following this presentation, leaders involved in the LUSES project (OMM and SEALNET), Drs. Nopmanee Suvannang, Nicolas Bottinelli and Doan Thu Thuy presented research activities carried out by SFRI from 2014- 2015 and the activities next future.

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Contacts: Doan Thu Thuy:
* LMI LUSES: Dynamic of Land Use Changes and Soil Ecosystem Services
* IRD: Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, France
* SFRI: Soils and Fertilizers Research Institute 

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