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          On the first working day of the conference, delegates listened to the sharing of 06 experts from countries: Canada, America, China and Vietnam. These are all leading experts in the field of soil science invited to the conference to share about the most current issues related to the topic: "Soil health and sustainable development". Associate Professor, Dr. Tran Minh Tien - Director of the Institute of Soil Agrochemistry gave a presentation on the topic "Soil health in Vietnam - Current status and solutions". The presentation helped the audience have an overview of the current state of soil health in Vietnam - one of the issues that is of great concern to the authorities at all levels, and from there pointed out a number of solutions to contribute to improving and enhancing soil health quality in Vietnam.

          On March 27, 2024, at the conference, domestic and international speakers and scientists discussed issues such as Soil Health; Soil ecology and biodiversity; Soil fertility and crop nutrition; Soil classification and mapping; Land and land use assessment; Information about highland land; Solid soil and wetland; Mitigation and sequestration in soil-crop systems; Using land to respond to climate change and sea level rise; Soil pollution; Land degradation and treatment; Recent advances in soil research; Land Management; Land policy and education on land management. Associate Professor, Dr. Tran Minh Tien is also one of the chairing members managing the activities of the subcommittee "Soil fertility and plant nutrition". Soils Fertilizers Institute had 05 presentations at subcommittees by PhD. Dao Trong Hung, PhD. La Nguyen, PhD. Nguyen Van Hien, PhD. Bui Hai An and MSc. Le Minh Chau.

          As part of the series of activities of the 16th International Soil Conference of East and Southeast Asia, Soils Fertilizers Institute participated in presenting a number of outstanding recent research results in poster form with 06 posters. . These are all outstanding research results of the Institute in the field of "soil health and sustainable development".

          The 16th East and Southeast Asia Soil International Conference of the Federation of Soil Science Societies (ESAFS 2024), with the theme: "Soil health and sustainable development" took place successfully. Through the conference, experts, researchers, scholars around the world had the opportunity to share experiences and updated knowledge among soil scientists, especially in East and Southeast Asia countries. It is also a platform to promote R&D and dissemination of acquired knowledge and technology related to soil science.


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