Meeting with the delegation of AFACI, Korea

06-05-2022 07:36:38 39
The evaluation team of the Asian Food and Agriculture Initiative Program - AFACI, Korea worked with the Soils and Fertilizers Research Institute
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Scientist studies microorganisms to improve soil quality

17-12-2021 03:12:00 334
Nguyen Thu Ha from the Soils and Fertilizers Research Institute has created microorganisms to improve soil quality.
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Meeting with Institute of Research for Development (IRD)- France

22-11-2021 04:05:00 325
SFRI and IRD meeting for future collaborations
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Adopting Conservation Tillage and Inhibitor Application as a Win-win Solution in Agro-ecosystem of Northeast China

22-11-2021 03:36:00 308
Conservation tillage have been widely proposed to improve the quality of cultivated land
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Long-term No-tillage with Crop Residue Application Could Improve Soil Nitrogen Cycling

24-09-2021 03:14:00 532
Conventional tillage has been the common agricultural practices in the agroecosystem
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How Sulphur Deposition Affects Soil Nematode Community Structure

24-09-2021 03:09:00 412
Excessive S fertilizer use and atmospheric S deposition may lead to soil acidification in terrestrial ecosystems, which in turn causes soil nutrient imbalance and changes the structure and function of soil biotic communities
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Nuclear Techniques and Improved Resource Management Help Reduce Pollution in Viet Nam’s Nhue River

10-09-2021 08:05:00 407
Thanks to the use of nuclear techniques, scientists have now identified the source of the excessive nitrogen and phosphorous pollution in Nhue River
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Chàm Islands’ bird's nest products get GI certification

04-05-2021 02:45:00 560
Geographical Indication (GI) to the Chàm Islands bird’s nest products has been granted
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Contributions of Agricultural Biotechnology Adoption in Vietnam

08-04-2021 03:21:00 668
A workshop by VSTA, VFU, and ISAAA: Contributions of Agricultural Biotechnology Adoption in Vietnam
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Online meeting to launch a Vietnam-Italy bilateral project

03-03-2021 02:34:01 598
The online kick-off meeting was organized to launch a Vietnam-Italy bilateral project between ICGEB and SFRI.
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