Division of Land Use Research


Tel: 024.38385635/38385632; Fax: 04.38389924


Research, consult and technology transfer on land, water management and use for sustainable agro-forestry production.


1. Research and forecast of basic chemical and soil properties, propose sustainable land use strategies;

2. Study solutions to restore, stabilize and improve land fertility and propose directions for the effective use and protection of land and water resources;

3. Study and transfer technological process of land use and management for sustainable agro-forestry production;

4. Give consultancy, training of specialized staff in the fields of fertility and land use;

5. International cooperation and activities in the field of land management and use..



Total labour resource (2019): 14; including: 1 Assoc. Prof. Dr, 3 PhD; 5 MSc; 5 Bachelors

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Dr. Lương Đức Toàn
Name: Dr. Lương Đức Toàn
Position: Head
Phone number: 024.38385635
Email: ldtoan76@gmail.com
MSc. Nguyễn Văn Ga
Name: MSc. Nguyễn Văn Ga
Position: Deputy Head
Phone number: 024.38385635
Email: nvga73@gmail.com
MSc. Lê Xuân Ánh
Name: MSc. Lê Xuân Ánh
Position: Deputy Head
Phone number: 024.38385635
Email: lxanhnisf@gmail.com