Division of Agrochemistry


Division of Agrochemistry

Tel: 024 38385635/38385632; Fax: 024 38389924



scientific research and technology transfer in the field of fertilizers and plant nutrition


1. Researching new materials for making fertilizers and agrochemical products;

2. Research and application of isotope techniques in the management of fertilizers, plant nutrients and agrochemical products;

3. Research, manufacture and apply diagnostic tools for soil nutrients and plants for high-tech agricultural production and precision agriculture;

4. Research and application of information technology, remote sensing, modeling in the management of fertilizers and agrochemical products;

5. Study and develop standards, regulations and technical processes in the use of fertilizers and plant nutrients;

6. Manage and use human resources, equipment and allocated funds in accordance with law;

7. Human resource training; domestic and international cooperation in the above fields.



Total labour resource (2019): 10; including: 2 PhD; 5 MSc; 3 Bachelors

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Dr. Nguyễn Duy Phương
Name: Dr. Nguyễn Duy Phương
Position: Head
Phone number: 024 38385635
Email: ndpptn@yahoo.com
Dr. Trần Thị Huế
Name: Dr. Trần Thị Huế
Position: Deputy Head
Phone number: 024 38385632
Email: phhuetran@gmail.com