Looking for cooperation with Syngenta

15-06-2023 View: 1078

On June 13, 2023, representatives of Syngenta, Dr. Kuznetsov Dmitry, Global Technical Manager Soil & Plant Health; Dr Knight Susan, Head of Sustainability for Crop Protection; and other members visited and worked with the Soils and Fertilizers Institute. Assoc. Dr. Tran Minh Tien, Director and other leaders of research departments in the Institute welcomed and worked with the Syngenta delegation. The main content of the meeting was the exchange of soil health/fertility in Vietnam and cooperation opportunities between the two organizations.


Introduction on SFI & Syngenta activites


After listening some introductions of activities related to the SFI and challenges to soil health in Vietnam, Dr. Kuznetsov Dmitry and Dr Knight Susan also introduced about Syngenta's activities. Although operating mainly in the fields of pesticides and plant varieties, Syngenta is now paying a lot of attention to soil health.


Discussion on exchanging research and collaboration


During the discuss session, the two sides exchanged the ideas in research and development of soil microorganisms, maintenance of soil ecosystems, effective and sustainable land management and land use in relation to crops and climate, etc. Some proposals and the possibility of implementing cooperative research and production activities related to soil health were also discussed.

The Syngenta delegation also visited the facilities of the SFI, including the Vietnam Soil Information & Reference Center, the room for preservation of microbial genetic resources, and the Central analysis Lab.