Online meeting to launch a Vietnam-Italy bilateral project

03-03-2021 View: 245

On March 1, 2021, the online kick-off meeting was organized to launch a Vietnam-Italy bilateral project between the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB in Trieste) and the Soils ad Fertilizers Research Institute (SFRI in Hanoi).

Participants on the online meeting on Vietnamese side were representative from Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS) Prof. Dr. Pham Van Toan, Deputy Director General; representative of Department of International Cooperation (DIC), Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), PhD. Dinh Quy Cuong; Director of Soils ad Fertilizers Research Institute, Assoc. Dr. Tran Minh Tien and the leasers of Department of Science & International Cooperation (SFRI). Dr. Nguyen Thu Ha, co-PI and other members of Department of Microorganism (SFRI) also attended the meeting.


On the Italia side, the participants included Dr. Lawrence Banks, ICGEB Director General; Prof. Marco Abbiati, Science Attache’ of the Italian embassy in Hanoi; Dr. Vittorio Venturi, ICGEB Scientific Coordinator, Group Leader Bacteriology. 

In addition, some partners in Vietnam who collaborated with ICGEB also participated in the meeting.

The subject of this online meeting is to launch the project titled “Development of bacterial biofertilizers for Coffea canephora (C. robusta): composition and dynamics of the rhizomicrobiome of Robusta coffee plants in the main Robusta coffee growing areas in Vietnam”.


Speaking at the meeting, the leaders of VAAS, SFRI and representative of ICD have affirmed the interest and support from Vietnam for the project implementation. On the Italian side, the Italian Embassy in Vietnam and the General Director of ICGEB also stated that although the Covid-19 situation is complicated, it will be willing to support and create favorable conditions for the two sides to carry out project’s activities.


After listening to the general presentations of the two cooperation organizations (ICGEB and SFRI), both partners  presented ideas and contents on cooperation and implementation for the project in a 3-year period. 2021-2023. This is a new research direction, with both scientific prospects as well as capacity building, research exchange between the two sides.